Our range includes №1 Premium Pilsner, №2 Original Red Lager, №3 Black IPA, №4 IPA, 2Duck Blonde, and our two newest additions to our range, our Heritage Lager and Firedrake Real Ginger Beer.
The Heritage Lager is a crisp, medium-bodied premium lager with moderate fruity bitterness and a generous fluffy white head. It is based on the original recipe that our show-piece brewery was first commissioned to brew in 1985, namely Barney’s Draught, at the original Barney’s Tavern in Gold Reef City – now updated for a new century.
Firedrake Real Ginger Beer is a naturally brewed authentic alcoholic ginger beer. Brewed to perfection with the finest barley malt and select natural ginger oils. To our knowledge, it is the only naturally brewed ginger beer in South Africa.

Our seasonal brews include Santa’s Brew, Jozi Red Ale, and Jozi Gold.